Monday, October 27, 2008

"Defender of Mankind"

Okay.. so I think we've decided on a name finally. Xander Tye Jones. (Xander is pronounced Zander- Travis thinks it looks cooler with the X) It's not completely set in stone.. but that's what we've been calling him whenever we talk about him. Oh and get this- Xander means, "Defender of Mankind"! Oh ya, Trav looooved that! So, chances are, this will be it. I know it's alittle unique.. its funny becuase my family all loves the name (in fact, it was on my sister, Lindsays list) but whenever we mention it to any of Trav's family, they give a weird face! Haha! Too bad Jones family! Your not gonna get any basic names here! Anyhoo- we can't wait to meet you Xander!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alittle Bigger??.... Maybe?...

So, here is another belly update.. a few weeks later than the last ones I took... Maybe just a slight difference.. but I definately feel bigger! And, I noticed I look chubbier in pictures. Anyways.. just thought I'd post to maybe show a little difference.

Trav's Birthday Bash!

Welp- Travis celebrated his big 30th birthday this weekend!! Crazy huh?? "He's growing up so fast!" We had a blast.. We went out to all-you-can-eat Crab Leg with a bunch of friends, then afterward, we headed to The Bite of Las Vegas. The Bite is a huge food and music event that they have every year. Some of the bands were Lifehouse (travs fav), PUddle of Mudd, Secondhand Serenade, etc etc. It was PACKED. Needless to say, after standing for 3 hours, my legs were Killing me! I was so ready to go by the end, but it was fun.
Trav's family came into town as well, so on Sunday (his official birthday) we had them all over for homemade cheesecake and ice cream. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRAVIS! I LOVE YOU!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

GUESS WHAT.... It's a BOY!

Side Profile

3D Face- You can see right through his arms!
See his bones?

3D Face w/his mouth open- he kept covering his face w/his hands, and rubbing his eyes! It was so cute!

.. And last but not least.. proof that he was a boy- it was quite obvious. I noticed right away :)

Well, we were sooo set on a girl- name picked out, thinking of girl scrapbook pages, nursery ideas.. etc etc.. but come to find out, we are having a boy! Oh well.. we are still excited! Baby is super healthy so that's the most important thing.. He kicks alot every day. He is definately "alive and kicking" (no pun intended). Well, once we agree on a name (having a harder time than w/a girl name) we will let you know!