Monday, December 29, 2008

Fun in the Snow...

Since Richfield got quite a bit of snow this year.. we thought we'd take advantage of it and go up into the mountains to go sledding and snowboarding. Unfortunately because I am pregnant, I didn't get to do either, but I got to ride on the back of the 4-wheeler and take pictures. It was soo windy and cold! And now I have a cold because of it.. oh well :) I loved playing in the snow again.. reminded me of growing up in Michigan. It was a fun day.. until I accidently dropped my glove into the port-a-potty! OOPS! haha.. oh well!

Christmas Morning...

Travis and I just got back from Richfield, Utah- where his family lives. We spent yet another Christmas with them (Mom and Dad- we are going to try our hardest to make it to Michigan next year!) We had a wonderful time.. Travis has a fun family. I can't believe Christmas is over with already! But only 2 more months and I will be able to have another gift- a new little baby!! :)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Graham at a few days old..

Mom (Joy) holding Graham

Daxon with his little brother

Here is Graham at a few days old.. (sorry I'm posting him so much- its more for people who know Kendra and want to see her baby). He is super blonde.. hardly any eyebrows or eyelashes yet :) He looks alot like his daddy, Caleb.. my mom sent me a video and he definately looks like Caleb.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

7 Month Photos

So I'm starting to torpedo a bit.. definately feeling the effects! I went shopping yesterday and boy was my back and legs KILLING me afterwards!! Thank goodness for IcyHot... and a husband that is willing to massage you! :) (Thanks Trav) Geez, I remember when I used to be able to shop for hours and hours and never be effected... I never realized the difference it makes when your carrying around a luggage on the front of your body! Anyhoo- since I am 30 weeks now, I start seeing my midwife every 2 weeks.. getting close!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

I have a new Nephew!

So, my sister, Kendra, just gave birth today to another son- Graham Dean. She lives in Rexburg, ID so unfortunately I couldn't be there for the birth.. which stinks.. but my mom was there so I guess that's all that matters :) Here is Mommy with baby; Daxon meeting his little brother for the first time; and Daddy with baby. I can't wait to meet you, little Graham!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Hurray For Scrapbooking! (And Moms who know how to!)

Yay! So I asked my mom to make me some page elements for Xander's scrapbook for Christmas... and I just got them in the mail today! They are so super cute and I can't wait to use them! I am very lucky to have a talented mom who knows how to coordinate scrapbook pages, etc because I am quite frankly out of practice and am not very good. So, I am grateful for her. Now... if only there were a way to fast-forward time so I can take some pictures of this kid and start scrapbooking.....

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Getting into the spirit of Christmas

So, I have been getting various magazine subscriptions from the previous tenants of our apt here, among which was a Food & Family Magazine that had all kinds of yummy Christmas recipes in it! Super easy ones too... so I went nuts with the holiday treats the other day... here is a pic of the end product. I definately shouldn't be eating this much sugar, so I made up plates for the girls I VT.
I made fudge, truffles, peanut butter bars, and white chocolate raspberry cheescake bars... mmm mm good!

Also, we found a place to tuck our tiny Christmas tree into our cramped apt. Kinda works out nice that we have such a small tree! I love having the Christmas tree lights on at night.. brings the calm Christmas spirit into our home.

And the only place I could fit my nativity set is on our kitchen table! (No biggie- we never use it anyway!) I love this nativity. My mom bought it for me last Christmas.. I love how the characters have real materials on them for clothes and accents. I think its so important to have the Nativity set up every year to remind us why we even have Christmas in the first place... I love the Lord so much and I wish more people in the world would realize the real meaning of Christmas. My life would be so different if I had never learned about Jesus' life and example.. I hope I can live my life somewhere close to the extent he lived his.