Monday, May 31, 2010

Holly's Wedding

Here is our latest "family" pic (where we are actually dressed up). It was at my friend, Holly Schaeffers' wedding. She was one of my bridesmaids. We were roommates when i first moved to Vegas.. I love her to death and am so excited that she's joined the "club" :) Her wedding was BEEutiful.. one of the nicest "cultural hall" weddings I've been to. And the cake.... oh... my... goodness.... sooo moist and yummy! Congratulations Holly! Can't wait for you to start a blog, too now! ;)

27 & Counting... unfortunately :(

So, its happened.. I've crossed the line from early "20s" to almost 30! *SIGH*... but you know what? I am not gonna let it get the best of me! I am going to embrace life and enjoy every piece of it. A friend of mine, at 60, said she was having more fun than ever before in her life- so I am gonna use that as my ray of hope and start looking forward to those later years in my life!
To celebrate, Trav took the day off (which he highly deserves, working 6 days a week for the past several months, plus its a holiday so Come on!) and we went with our friends, Richard & his wife Patricia to a brazilian restaurant called Pampa's. It was soo yummy! They would serve you 7 different kinds of meat Rodizio style.. where they bring them around table to table and slice you off as much as you want. It was pretty yummy having a variety of meat.. MMmmm We love meat over here!
Here are some pics of us at lunch... afterwards we went to the Bellagio. Fun.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Too much energy

Xander was doing this really funny thing where he would get all intense and clench his fists and bite down on his teeth.. it was hilarious.. and once he saw that it made us laugh.. of course he kept doing it (comedian like his daddy.) It was cracking us up. The end of the video is the best :)