Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Flapping in the Wind

Dont worry- i made sure Trav didnt shake the baby too much :) It was just funny to hear his cheeks flapping. :)

Xander Update

Xander is 4 months old now!! Craziness!! He is getting so big and learning new tricks on a daily basis. His newest trick- sucking his thumb!! (oh no!!) I need to somehow nip that in the butt right away before its a bad habit... Any suggestions?? Anyway- here are some pictures of his favorite things: sucking his thumb, sucking his bottom lip, hanging out with Cousins, and smiling of course!

sucking his thumb

sucking his bottom lip

With cousins, Daxon and Graham

With Cousin Sarah

smiling ;)

sucking that bottom lip again!

Monday, June 1, 2009


So, Trav and I have been trying forEVER to get Xander to laugh at us! and today I went to visit my cousin and her friends who are in town and he started laughing at her friend! A Total Stranger!! What the freak is that all about?? Well, atleast I got it on video and hopefully I can try her trick and he'll laugh at me, too. (She would just say, "Aaa... Choo!" and he'd laugh)

26 Years.... Young?

So I turned the big 2-6 on sunday.. ***SIGH*** I can't believe I'm that old!! I just seriously can't believe I'm on my way to 30!! Eek! Time flies! its so insane! Anyways- we had fun though with a small group of friends and family- BBQing at our pool. Hopefully this will be a good year- It's gonna be a different year, atleast, learning to be a better mommy to little Xander and enjoying his growth. :)

Shirley Family Reunion 2009

Ahoy! Mateys! Me Aunt Janet be doin' it agin! She be the plannin' captain of the crew and dint let no one walk da plank. We had a jolly time at Baker Island with the Shirley Family Pirates. It was swashbucklin' fun sailin' the high seas with me fellow landlubbers. We be lookin' forward to next years voyage where we can hopefully find sum more treasure!