Sunday, October 10, 2010

5 Months

I am 5 months along now.. starting to show all of a sudden. Still been sick but atleast its off and on and now.. hopefully it'll be completely gone soon. I know some women LOVE being pregnant and having a belly but have never been a big fan of pregnancy.. I just want to have the baby already and have my old energy and body back! Maybe if I was one of these women that never got anything worse than just a "nauseas" feeling during the day and never threw up, never got heart burn and could sleep 10 hours striaght at night, it'd be a different story... but nope. To me, being pregnant just sucks the life out of me.. I dress like a frump all day long, I dont have energy to do hardly anything, and lets not comment on how the house cleaning is (not) coming along!
BUT- I am willing to bear through all this because I know God is going to send me a beautiful, happy little boy who I am going to fully enjoy raising and loving and bonding with! I now know that there is NOTHING more satisfying in life than raising a child and seeing him grow and learn. So, 40 weeks? Can you get here tomorrow?? :)