Friday, August 26, 2011

Trip to Michigan!

*Trip Highlights*:

Cousin Daxon teaching Xander how to catch frogs!
This is the fish pond I dug up as a child with my siblings because we were jealous that all our neighbors had ponds!

Swinging on the swing we had when I was growing up!

Playing in the sand at Houghton Lake.

Kaiden being a stinking CUTIE at Houghton Lake!

Admiring the animals at the Detroit Zoo with Cousin Emery!

(See more picture on my facebook page!)

We just got back from our trip to Michigan to visit my family! It was so crazy to be home again where I grew up most my life... everything seems so different since the last time I've been there- trees are 10x as big, yard is more lush, there are chickens running around now (that my mom hopes will lay eggs some day), and my siblings are of course growing up So fast!!

The first few days, we went up to Houghton Lake and stayed in cabins by the lake. Lake was gorgeous, and we floated down the Asable River. The kids LOVED playing in the sand and water!

When we got home, we visited the Detroit Zoo, and my Grandma Kortas (Great Gramma to Xander.) It was so great to see everyone, will miss them and hopefully its not too long till we see them next!!

It takes a while to post pics on here, so here are some highlights of our trip. I have ALL the rest posted on Facebook if you'd like to see!