Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blog Invites?

So, I've noticed that quite a few of you bloggers out there have changed their profiles to "invited readers only". So... if any of you haven't invited me yet, can you do so?? Just cuz I would love to see the updates on your families and see whats going on with you! If you have already invited me in the past, it might have expired so send it again! Thanks!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

8 Months Preggo!

Can you believe I only have 1 more month to go till I have this kid?? It finally hit me that I dont have much time left so i've been trying to gather everything I need: diapers, clean baby clothes, birth kit, labor prep stuff, etc etc. I am having my baby at home again and am *praying* that it goes as quickly and smoothly as last time (remember the coveted 2 hour labor?) but I have a hard time believing it'll go as fast this time so i've been doing some prepping on breathing and relaxation techniques, etc so I can be prepared in case its a long labor this time!
I am using a different midwife this time- her name is Dixie Story. She is super sweet. I loved my midwife last time, too but she is across town and is also more expensive so we decided that we needed to find someone I liked who was cheaper!
I sure cant wait to have this baby already! I think dealing with newborns is WAY more fun than being pregnant! I'd much rather deal with sore nipples than nausea; poopy diapers than heartburn; and sleepless nights than not being able to run after my kid! So here's to my baby coming healthy, and my baby coming early rather than late!