Saturday, April 17, 2010

Photo booth

So i tried to take a good picture of me and Xander with the timer setting on the camera.. i figured it'd take a few shots so I set it to take 3 shots at a time. These were the candid shots it caught.. thought they were great! Me and Xander- hangin out! We're pretty much best buds!
Karate chop!

"Mom, pay attention!"

"No- to the camera!"

Best buds!

Toothy smile

Haha I am loving Xander's big front teeth!


Xander learned to give kisses- open-mouthed kisses! We're still working on the "puckering up" part :). Its cute cuz I will say, "Gimme a kiss" then after he kisses me I'll say, "that was a good kiss!" and he thinks I'm saying "gimme a kiss" again. He just hears the word "Kiss" and goes for it!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Crazy Kids

Xander loves to play with his cousins.. he had a blast at Lucus and Misty's house when I babysat for them today. Here he is cracking up at Daniel hitting himself in the head! hahah! Kids are so crazy!

Gettin Jiggy

Xander loves to get jiggy-widdit... Me and Trav dance alot so he learns from the best.. (haha). Go Xander! Go Xander! Go! Go! Go Xander!