Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Announcements

So, my mom leaves tomorrow and of course I couldn't let her leave without helping me make some super cute baby announcements first :) ( I have to use my resources!) Anyhow, we had fun making these and they were easy. We just made a pocket with a pull-out that has Xander's stats on one side and his picture on the back. I just made a few to send to some extended family members who wont be able to meet Xander for a long time.
Like I said, my mom is leaving tomorrow and I am soo sad about that.. she has been a HUGE help around the house and I am especially going to miss her cooking me meals... :*( My mom is so wonderful- I am so glad we have such a great relationship. I am going to miss her sooo much. But, luckily we will be able to see her in April because Trav and I are flying out to Florida for spring break along with my family.
Of course I had to throw in some pictures of Xander with his eyes open, too.. so enjoy!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun with My Mom's Camera

So my mom has a WAY better camera than I do (mine is so old and only 4 megapixels), so we were having fun with the different settings on her camera.. I need to get a new one bad. Maybe then I'd get better at taking pictures- haha.

Xander's First Adventures

Xander's first car ride.. did extremely well.

First Day at Church!

haha! I love this picture- I think Xander looks like a little monkey! *My Little Chimpanzee!*

Xander's First Bath

His Dark Skin

A Four-Generation Picture- Xander, Me, My Mom, and My Grandma Shirley

Xander hangin with Grandma!

Xander's Trip to California to see relatives! Slept the whole way!

My Son has such pouty lips! :)
Welp, Xander is 11 days old today.. and has already done so much... including his first bath, smiles, road trip, and shopping with the ladies! Every day I feel like he is changing just a little bit.. its crazy to look at pictures and notice the differences. I still can't tell who he looks more like- me or Travis. My mom says he looks alot like I did when I was a baby.. she feels like she is holding me when she holds him... so we'll see!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

So, Xander certainly doesn't waste any time.. he has already shown us his super cute smile and of course melted our hearts in the process! Haha- today he kept trying to fake me out that he was sleeping.. but I'd get him to smile and it would let the cat out of the bag... there's no fooling Momma, Xander!

Monday, February 16, 2009

Pics of Xander

So, we decided Xander looks like a Kortas baby more than a Jones baby..

Okay- so I obviously had NO time to get all cutsied up for this..

I dont know how you girls do it - even after just 2 hours, I was exhausted!

Xander had TONS of visitors the next day- here he is with cousin Alexis!

Aww.. I love him!

So, Travis LOVES holding Xander on his chest- he says, (and i quote) "This is better than sex!" I said, "It better be! Cuz you aint gettin any for 6 weeks!"

Daddies first time changing a diaper! It took a little walk-through, but he's getting the hang of it :)

Father and Son

My midwife April (right) and her assistant Kim (left)

7 lb, 4 oz - 20 inches long

Okay, so like I said, not much to it- basically, at 1:30 I went to my midwife's for my weekly appt. She checked me and said, "Your dilated to a 4 already." I said, "What?! Wow! Sweet!" I immediately got really excited cuz it was totally unexpected! I asked, "So when do you think he'll be here??" She said, "Oh you'll definately have him within the next 2 days."
So, I didn't want to get myself too psyched up cuz I heard labors can take several hours.. so I went to the mall; walked the length of the mall 3 or 4 times looking for a V-day gift for Trav (with no luck). Then decided to leave. I went home.. cleaned the house a bit.. got on my computer. April called me a couple times to check up on me and see if I had been feeling any contractions yet. "Umm.. just alittle crampy- that's all. Are you sure I'm in labor?" She said Yes. I said, "okay- I'll call you when I feel something."
And like 15 min later, I all of a sudden felt them.. and they were pretty darn intense and pretty darn close together. So, I called April, called Travis, and called my cousin (who wants to be a midwife), and told them all to come over! Soon! So I had to bear with my contractions by myself at first.. which sucked.
Everyone showed up around the same time- around 8:15 and Xander came by 9:20pm! I seriously think I went straight from feeling nothing to being in Transition! It was very intense but not completely unbearable.. as long as I had Travis to use as my "stress ball" to squeeze the heck out of during my contractions and during pushing! :) Anyways, I ended up having Xander on all fours on my bathroom floor on my bath rugs (to pad my knees). Pushing was definately better than the contractions.. I was even talking and joking a bit in between pushes. I am soo glad that is over with! I love you Xander!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Xander arrives! February 12th @ 9:20pm

Okay so I know you are all wanting more details.. but I seriously feel like a truck just ran over my "downstairs" and am supposed to be on bedrest for the next few days.. so needless to say details of my birth story will have to wait for a later date.. let me tell you- its a good one!! Not much to it, but all I can say is: TWO HOUR LABOR!! (I know, you all hate me, but NO exhaggeration there!) I seriously am still boggled by how smooth and quick this labor was.. its insane. Anyhow- just want to let everyone know Xander is absolutely PRECIOUS and beautiful.. and I can't get enough of him.. he is truly our favorite blessing from Heavenly Father (and he has given us a TON of them). We love you Xander!

PS- i of course have lots more pics that you will get to see as soon as I am able.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Come Again?

So, I went in for my weekly check-up today with my midwife... and she checks me and says I am 70% effaced and dilated to a 4!! "What??" Sweet! That was easy! I haven't even been having contractions! The only thing I can account for it is that 2 days ago, I was in pain for hours and hours.. the only thing is that it was a constant pain- not a "come and go" pain like regular contractions.. so whatever. I just wish that my mom was here.. her flight isn't for another week! So, I dont know if she'll be able to catch a standby flight or what.. Its kinda hard for her to come out here on a whim because she has young kids at home and the aiport is 2 hours away.. so we'll see.

Anyways.. so I am super excited! April (midwifey) says I should have this baby within the next couple days! Sa-WEET! So, I will of course keep you posted.. shoot.. I should really clean my apt.. :)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Xander's Baby Shower!!

Well, here are a few pictures I have of my baby shower on Saturday. My friends Jen and Kendra hosted it and did an Incredible job! It was so fun- and there was such a great turn out, good food, and fun games. It was a blast. I have to say, for my first baby shower, I am definately impressed :) I went from not thinking I would have one, to having one this good! I loved seeing some friends and family that I literally hadn't seen in months and years. I'm glad they came.

Jen made a super cute scrapbook for me to put my baby shower pictures in.. and she had all the guests write little notes and words of advice to me in the back of the book. I thought that was a clever idea.

Kendra and Jen took most of the pictures with their cameras since I was gabbing with friends and relatives the whole time.. so once I get copies of those pictures, I will post them.

Jen- the Party Planner!- and Me

All the girls thought it looked like I just had a basketball under my shirt.. (your right girls- I just wanted a bunch of free gifts- so I have been faking it this whole time)

My sister-in-law Misty is due a week after me.. she is having a girl (its cool to see how differently we carry our babies- since she is having a girl, her baby is really high, and mine is really low) I cant tell you how many times I've been in a store, and a stranger will come up to me and say, "Oh your having a boy!" I'm always like... "How do you know that??" and they say they can tell by the way I'm carrying my baby.

Mmm.. all the yummy food.. the cake Kendra made was heavenly... *pardon my drooling*

All the gifts I got.. I couldn't believe how generous everyone was (JEN!!). I am hugely grateful for everyone's gifts.. It got me even more excited (if that's possible) to have this kid! Except for the fact that I got- count 'em- 416 newborn diapers... and the mommies said I would use every single one of them... OH BOY. Better warm up my diaper-changing hands! Thank you everybody! I love you all!