Friday, January 2, 2009

Lil Xander Kicking!

Here are some videos I took of little Xander going nuts this morning! He had the hiccups and they bother him so it was making him squirm quite a bit. Poor thing.. I hate the hiccups too! Anyways.. it was cool to watch!


Aaron and Jen Budge said...

Those Videos are so crazy. I wonder if it's like his foot or head or hand. Does it hurt or is there pressure when he moves around like that. It will be so cool to feel something once I get further along I think that will make it seem REAL.

Heather and Kevin said...

That is too crazy! I saw a book once that was really had a picture that showed an actual foot outline pushing against the skin. What a neat experience haha.

Tenille said...

Awwww... Elissa that is so cool that you captured that on film! I love it!