Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Xander Update

Xander is 4 months old now!! Craziness!! He is getting so big and learning new tricks on a daily basis. His newest trick- sucking his thumb!! (oh no!!) I need to somehow nip that in the butt right away before its a bad habit... Any suggestions?? Anyway- here are some pictures of his favorite things: sucking his thumb, sucking his bottom lip, hanging out with Cousins, and smiling of course!

sucking his thumb

sucking his bottom lip

With cousins, Daxon and Graham

With Cousin Sarah

smiling ;)

sucking that bottom lip again!


Amanda Tippetts said...

I love his smile! He's so cute! Good luck with the thumb sucking... We just pulled Whitney's thumb out whenever she tried to suck on it.

Amber said...

Hey, when did you see Sarah?

Anonymous said...

Hey Elissa! I know my mom use to just wipe a little vinegar on our thumbs. According to her we didnt like that very much. Haha.