Saturday, January 2, 2010

Some Christmas Videos

This Christmas was so wonderful- it was sooo nice to be home again and have a white Christmas. Its always so relaxing just to chill at home and enjoy Mom's home-cooking! We had fun sledding, riding 4 wheelers on the frozen lake, watching movies, playing Mario on the Wii and playing other games. I think we played just about every game my mom has! That's one of the many benefits of having a big family- there are always enough people to play games with! I decided to post some videos we took during our Christmas vacation rather than pictures.. I posted a ton of pictures on my Facebook account, so if you want to see them you can go there or add me as a friend. ;)

Our Family had fun playing the Beatles Rock Band.. and Xander had fun dancing to it. :)

I got Travis a box of "Bean Boozle" Jelly beans for his stocking. There were several beans of the same color, but one would be a good tasting bean and the other would be a nasty tasting bean. For example, 1 yellow jelly bean would be Lemon and the other would be Moldy Cheese. Or one would be Skunk Spray and the other Black Licorice. Whoever got the nasty tasting one got, "BEAN BOOZLED!" I definately wasnt brave enough to try.. I took one bite of one and it was Black Pepper- GROSS... So that was the end of my Bean Boozle Adventure :) Watch this video to see who got Bean Boozled!!

XAnder had fun playing with Grandpa Kortas under the kitchen table.. I guess he found a new fort!

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Kristin said...

Bean Boozle huh. Sounds like a dangerous game! That's pretty funny. Xander is such a cutie! As of right now I have 4 more weeks til my due date. So fingers crossed I can hold out a little longer. I just talked to Holly today. I'm so excited for her! And I can't wait to see everyone in a few months!!!