Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Baby Boy #2

We went and got an ultrasound done yesterday to find out the sex of the baby.. its a Boy! Here are some pictures and a video of him moving around.

Side Profile

Waving Hello!

100% Boy: he kept grabbing himself! haha

Here is a clip of the 15 min video we have: In the beginning is a 3D pic of his little thingy and him trying to cover it up! Then you see a 2D video of him kicking off the side and arching his back.. and then turning to the side.. it was cute to see him moving around so much! He was a wiggler!

If you want to see more pics of the day.. go to my facebook page.


Aaron and Jen Budge said...

Wow that's so crazy. When we got the 3D ultrasound with Noah he was already so big there was no moving room. I'll have to do it earlier next time. It's fun to see them move around.

Kristin said...

So I'm prob the last one to congratulate you on baby boy numero dos... but better late than never right? I hope you are feeling and doing well!