Monday, June 13, 2011

My Chunky Monkey

Four Months Old! *sigh* They grow too fast! Kaiden smiles all the time now. Still working on getting him to laugh. Just haven't found what'll crack him up yet. Here are some pics I've taken the last few days.

Kaiden LOVES to suck on his fingers! He's not a huge Binky fan, but is always trying to get his fists up to his mouth! Kinda worried about that cuz I know I'm gonna have to break him of that habit one day. He must be getting some sort of calories from it because he is one Chunky Monkey!! He's alot heavier than Xander.. Xander didnt grow this fast thats for sure.

Chillin out in his Bumbo chair!

This is the face he makes when he's trying to get his fist to his mouth.. he opens his mouth all wide and wiggles his arms. Poor thing.. hes starting to get it down though :)

You could tell he was trying so hard to reach this toy. Its sad to see them so helpless!

It was so funny- for the longest time, Kaiden just stared at Xanders butt! hahah

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