Friday, March 27, 2009

The Latest

My boys finally ready for church.. although my son looks scared out of his whits for some reason.. zoom in- its quite funny!

Xander's cute little church outfit

Trav says we have the same profile.. I think his is way cuter!

Xander likes to cry sometimes.. to get his way.... and it works..


Marc and Randy Patterson said...

Hes so cute and getting so big! :) I resent that email so let me know if you dont get it again! Haha

Kristin said...

Xander is such a cutie! I love the spit up picture! Maddie went thru a diaper leaking stage for a while and she peed on Ster sooo many times. I would crack up and he would be so mad. But I say hey, how many times do we get pooped on, peed on, and spit up on a day. Right?!!!