Sunday, March 29, 2009

Laugh Out Loud!!

HAHAHAH! Okay- so I always warn Travis that he shouldn't shake Xander around too much because he is in this "Spit up everything I eat" stage. Well, of course, Trav was hanging Xander over his head yesterday and Xander spit up Right in his EYE! HAhahaha I immediately started laughing sooo hard! Tears were streaming down my face. It was freakin hilarious! And Travis was mad at me because instead of grabbing him a towel, I went and grabbed my camera- hahah.. Oh man.. it was great :)


Aaron and Jen Budge said...

O.K. that is seriously so nasty!!! EWWWWWW....... note to self. I will never do that with our baby. LOL

Amanda Tippetts said...

Jason's brother was playing with his niece and lifted her above his head after she ate and her spit up shot straight into his mouth! It was amazing... Jason was more careful with Whitney for sure after seeing that.