Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

So, my husband decided to play a super cruel April Fool's joke on me today! He had a doctor's appt earlier today and after his appt, he called me and said that the Doctor found a lump/mass in his throat and that there was a 50% chance of it being cancerous!! He told me the doctor scheduled him to have some tests done, but that there was definately some sort of tumor in there. The doctor asked him if there was any history of cancer in his family and Trav told him, "Ya my mom died of a brain tumor."(Which is true.) He told me the doctor said that it tends to run through the mother's side, and makes your chances of getting cancer much higher... ANYWAYS- reality slowly started to hit me and I was just about to start crying when he told me that it was an April Fools!! GRRRR.. I always forget about April Fools and he gets me every time!

What a relief huh?

PS- do you love my super crappy Photo-editing job? Haha! I did that because one thing Travis told me on the phone was, "I dont wanna lose my hair!" Pf! That was the least of MY worries!

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