Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Teaching Daddy

So this morning i was teaching Daddy how to talk to Xander and make him smile back at you.. (Travis has been having a hard time knowing how to keep a baby happy- I think he has ages 3+ mastered but struggles with newborns.) Anyways- Xander is super happy the first half of the day, so it wasn't hard for Daddy to have success! Now, the second half of the day is another story.. baby isn't so smiley then.. I dont know why.. but if half a day's what i get, then half a day's what I'll take!!


Aaron and Jen Budge said...

How cute... Bet you have a ton of photos to scrapbook.

Red said...

I love that he's smiling!! I can't wait till Mack does it when he actually is happy... now it's just when he has gas :) Don't these little guys grow up so fast?? I feel my newborn is already gone... We'll have to get together soon to have them meet.