Monday, February 23, 2009

Fun with My Mom's Camera

So my mom has a WAY better camera than I do (mine is so old and only 4 megapixels), so we were having fun with the different settings on her camera.. I need to get a new one bad. Maybe then I'd get better at taking pictures- haha.


Anonymous said...

Well whoever he looks like you guys sure did a good job!:) Me and marc are excited to meet him!

Rachel said...

He's a cutie! We should get together soon and meet each other's babies. You've already done a road trip? You brave girl. And your baby is more tan than the both of you. Are you sure Travis is the daddy? Xander is so adorable. Let me know when you are ready for pics. Maybe we can come visit you this week sometime. Let me know what's good for you guys.