Monday, February 16, 2009

Pics of Xander

So, we decided Xander looks like a Kortas baby more than a Jones baby..

Okay- so I obviously had NO time to get all cutsied up for this..

I dont know how you girls do it - even after just 2 hours, I was exhausted!

Xander had TONS of visitors the next day- here he is with cousin Alexis!

Aww.. I love him!

So, Travis LOVES holding Xander on his chest- he says, (and i quote) "This is better than sex!" I said, "It better be! Cuz you aint gettin any for 6 weeks!"

Daddies first time changing a diaper! It took a little walk-through, but he's getting the hang of it :)

Father and Son

My midwife April (right) and her assistant Kim (left)

7 lb, 4 oz - 20 inches long

Okay, so like I said, not much to it- basically, at 1:30 I went to my midwife's for my weekly appt. She checked me and said, "Your dilated to a 4 already." I said, "What?! Wow! Sweet!" I immediately got really excited cuz it was totally unexpected! I asked, "So when do you think he'll be here??" She said, "Oh you'll definately have him within the next 2 days."
So, I didn't want to get myself too psyched up cuz I heard labors can take several hours.. so I went to the mall; walked the length of the mall 3 or 4 times looking for a V-day gift for Trav (with no luck). Then decided to leave. I went home.. cleaned the house a bit.. got on my computer. April called me a couple times to check up on me and see if I had been feeling any contractions yet. "Umm.. just alittle crampy- that's all. Are you sure I'm in labor?" She said Yes. I said, "okay- I'll call you when I feel something."
And like 15 min later, I all of a sudden felt them.. and they were pretty darn intense and pretty darn close together. So, I called April, called Travis, and called my cousin (who wants to be a midwife), and told them all to come over! Soon! So I had to bear with my contractions by myself at first.. which sucked.
Everyone showed up around the same time- around 8:15 and Xander came by 9:20pm! I seriously think I went straight from feeling nothing to being in Transition! It was very intense but not completely unbearable.. as long as I had Travis to use as my "stress ball" to squeeze the heck out of during my contractions and during pushing! :) Anyways, I ended up having Xander on all fours on my bathroom floor on my bath rugs (to pad my knees). Pushing was definately better than the contractions.. I was even talking and joking a bit in between pushes. I am soo glad that is over with! I love you Xander!!


Rachel said...

Oh Xander is adorable! Where'd he get the dark hair from? You guys look so tired. I'm so there with you. I am exhausted having to do this without a husband, and I can't wait until the day I'm not tired anymore and Teagan is sleeping through the night. How are you feeling? I'm really happy for you that your labor went so smoothly. We'll have to get our little guys together soon so they can meet each other and be buddies. Congrats to you guys. Travis looks like he is just in love with his new little boy.

Marc and Randy Patterson said...

Hey Elissa! Travis looks like a proud daddy, its cute! Sounded like an easy labor! :) Not totally easy but its good there wasnt complications and what not! :) Were glad you guys are doing good and Xander is here safely!

Marc and Randy Patterson said...

And on the drastic change dont ask me. I cant run my fingers through his hair anymore now I rub them on his prickly head! He got this wild hair to do it and asked me to help him so yeah! Its hair, it grows back fast.....lets hope! :)

Susie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! You were really lucky...that is incredible! I went thru about ten hours of my last labor by myself bc Chad wanted to get his sleep:) it would be nice to have a midwife. Babies are so sweet! He is adorable, We are so happy for guys. you'll make great parents! i cant wait to meet him. we are hoping we can be in vegas by summer:)

Tenille said...

I love all the pics Elissa... Xander is just adorable. I love his chubby cheeks! I am still soooo jealous of your labor and delivery. Isaac was 29 hours, Bella was 6 hours, and Carter was 8 and half hours. Maybe you are one of those baby making machines that can just have tons of kids. Whens the next one coming??? Oh, and I LOVE what you said about the 6 weeks. You made me laugh...

Kristin said...

That little baby is so precious! Makes me want another one! Being a mommy looks good on you!What's the baby's stats? How much did he weigh, how long was he, etc?

kendra said...

oh-SUPER FREAKING CUTE. I love those cheeks! Graham is getting jeleous right now. xander does look like the kortas babies. Man it is really weird to be one of the people who doesn't get to see him in person! it sucks. Hopefully we can see him soon. hes sooo adorable!

Allison M. Saad said...

Crazy! I didn't even know you were having him at home! Brave and lucky for a first baby. He is just beautiful.

How is your mom? Tell her I miss her!