Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Sweetest Thing

So, Xander certainly doesn't waste any time.. he has already shown us his super cute smile and of course melted our hearts in the process! Haha- today he kept trying to fake me out that he was sleeping.. but I'd get him to smile and it would let the cat out of the bag... there's no fooling Momma, Xander!


Aaron and Jen Budge said...

THAT IS SOOOO...... ADORABLE!!! I love the video. Keep them coming!!!

Rachel said...

Teagan started off just smiling and laughing in his sleep, but yesterday while he was wide awake he gave me the biggest smiles ever. And it does totally melt your heart. Just a few days ago he started spending more time awake. He already looks so much older at only 2 weeks old today. How are you feeling aside from tired? We should get together and have a nap for our play date. Sounds wonderful to me!

Tenille said...

Awww... thats so adorable!!! I love that you are capturing so many moments on camera. Wish I would've done the same with my kids. Okay, so it is sooo cool to me that you are finally a mommy! I loved listening to you talk to him and say "your daddy"... it's just so dang cute! You've just really been meant to me a mommy your whole life and I'm soooo happy that you finally are one! Love you Elissa! Hopefully we can meet up soon!