Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Baby Announcements

So, my mom leaves tomorrow and of course I couldn't let her leave without helping me make some super cute baby announcements first :) ( I have to use my resources!) Anyhow, we had fun making these and they were easy. We just made a pocket with a pull-out that has Xander's stats on one side and his picture on the back. I just made a few to send to some extended family members who wont be able to meet Xander for a long time.
Like I said, my mom is leaving tomorrow and I am soo sad about that.. she has been a HUGE help around the house and I am especially going to miss her cooking me meals... :*( My mom is so wonderful- I am so glad we have such a great relationship. I am going to miss her sooo much. But, luckily we will be able to see her in April because Trav and I are flying out to Florida for spring break along with my family.
Of course I had to throw in some pictures of Xander with his eyes open, too.. so enjoy!


Susan said...

That is so great your mom was able to be there to help! April is not too far away.. Xander is gorgeous and you look awesome for just having a baby!!

Aaron and Jen Budge said...

HOW CUTE ARE THOSE INVITES! I know you loved having your mom here. Too bad she has to leave. But Florida will be AMAZING. We go in May for our Cruise. I can't wait. The water off of Florida is amazing! You're going to have such a blast!

Anonymous said...

Hey Elissa! Whats your email?