Monday, February 23, 2009

Xander's First Adventures

Xander's first car ride.. did extremely well.

First Day at Church!

haha! I love this picture- I think Xander looks like a little monkey! *My Little Chimpanzee!*

Xander's First Bath

His Dark Skin

A Four-Generation Picture- Xander, Me, My Mom, and My Grandma Shirley

Xander hangin with Grandma!

Xander's Trip to California to see relatives! Slept the whole way!

My Son has such pouty lips! :)
Welp, Xander is 11 days old today.. and has already done so much... including his first bath, smiles, road trip, and shopping with the ladies! Every day I feel like he is changing just a little bit.. its crazy to look at pictures and notice the differences. I still can't tell who he looks more like- me or Travis. My mom says he looks alot like I did when I was a baby.. she feels like she is holding me when she holds him... so we'll see!


Heather and Kevin said...

Hey elissa...I don't want to alarm you but Xander looks like he is a bit Jaundice. I only say that because in a couple of the pictures...his eyes looked like they had a yellow tint instead of white. I'm sure you are well more aware of this than I am and I am being annoying. I was jaundice when I was born too. Just something to look into. You guys looks so happy and cute..congrats again!

Marc and Randy Patterson said...

hey dude, I am sure glad that kid doesn't look like a JONES! he would be an ugly bast then! Good one Elissa, giving the kid your genes.

Kristin said...

Oh my gosh he is such a handsome little dude!!! I love all the pictures of him!

Rachel said...

I can't decide who Xander looks like. I can't always tell with newborns. Everyone says that Teagan looks like Adam, but I can't tell. And by the way, the picture that says Xander's First Bath looks like Xander is laying on someone's butt. I totally had to look at the picture like 5 times to make sure you guys weren't posting dirty pics on the internet.

The Jones Family said...

LOL!! Rachel, those are my LEGS! I didnt' have a baby bath yet so I had to bath him with me.. haha you are too funny.